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Grand Island Chiropractic Center

Grand Island Chiropractic Center

Introducing Dr. Derek Lux

Introducing Dr. Derek Lux

Welcome to Grand Island Chiropractic Center


Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, specializes in conditions affecting the spine and discs, athletic injuries, and pediatric care.

At the Grand Island, Nebraska, practice, the team provides advanced chiropractic treatments and a range of selected therapies to help eliminate pain and restore vitality, including the Active Release Technique® for muscular pain. With the care available, patients can eradicate disc and other pain-causing conditions naturally, avoiding potentially addictive medications and invasive surgery.

By design, the Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, office makes patients feel supported and cared for within a warm and welcoming environment. The practice has separate treatment and therapy rooms to provide patients with total privacy and comfort and Relax the Back® zero gravity recliners to further enhance their experience.

The practice caters to moms-to-be who wish to optimize their pregnancy, newborn babies, and children, as well as adults of all ages. Athletes of every description are also welcome, from professional athletes to those who want to improve their golf or tennis game. As well as providing treatment for back and neck problems, Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, treats shoulder and leg pain, and headaches.

At Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, patients can be confident that their chiropractor has all the tools and expertise required to address even the toughest of cases. The practice works closely with medical specialists from other fields, and both receive and provide professional referrals to ensure every patient gets the most appropriate treatment. The practice also offers same-day appointments and has on-site digital X-ray facilities, so patients can have their X-ray results on a disc if desired.

The adjusting tables are all state-of-the-art Cox® 8 tables that have both manual and programmable settings for decompression and traction functions for herniated discs and other spinal issues. There’s also a HyLo table that enables patients to assume the treatment position without the strain of climbing onto a table. Patients can also purchase Standard Process and Metagenic® nutritional supplements at the office.

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