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Studies indicate that around seven out of every 10 women struggle with significant back pain when they’re pregnant. If you’re pregnant with back pain, Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, in Grand Island, Nebraska, can help. The team has considerable experience in treating pregnant women and babies with exceptional skill using safe chiropractic methods to relieve back pain and other problems. For the best pregnancy care, call Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, today to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online.

Pregnancy Care Q & A

Why does pregnancy cause backache?

Pregnancy is a common cause of backache, mainly because of the increase in your weight and how your body balances that extra weight.

The weight of your growing baby is in your uterus, which puts a strain on your pelvic region. Naturally, over the nine months of your pregnancy, the weight you’re carrying increases, and the pressure on your pelvis increases too.

The result is that your spinal curvature also increases – not by much, but enough to cause significant pain, especially in the later months. By the third trimester, the weight of your baby could be causing cramps and digestive problems as well as backache.

How does chiropractic help with pregnancy care?

Chiropractic adjustments might not be the first thing on your pregnancy checklist, but expectant mothers who undergo treatment find chiropractic does far more than help with a backache.

Women who attend Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, for chiropractic treatment before their babies are born report having less need for pain-killing medication during labor. Research indicates that chiropractic treatment can also reduce the length of time you spend in labor.

In addition to caring for you before the birth, Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, also provides health checks for both moms and babies after birth. Chiropractic care can also be highly beneficial for babies who are experiencing problems like colic, feeding difficulties, and failure-to-thrive syndrome.

What kind of chiropractic treatments would I need during pregnancy?

The precise form of treatment you need during pregnancy depends on whether you have any existing musculoskeletal problems. Your provider at Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, can recognize the difficulties pregnancy causes and creates a personalized treatment plan for you based on your individual needs.

The techniques your provider uses are very gentle and careful. The health of you and your baby are always at the forefront of any approach your provider uses, to ensure both you and your baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Your provider can discuss with you the different chiropractic adjustments so that you can appreciate the extraordinary care taken at Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC. In their experience, chiropractic care is a key component in maintaining a healthy spine throughout pregnancy.

To find out more about the benefits of chiropractic pregnancy care, call Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, today and schedule a consultation, or you can request one online.