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Headaches come in many different forms, from everyday tension headaches to disabling migraines. If you’re experiencing regular headaches, you could benefit from a visit to Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, in Grand Island, Nebraska. The team has considerable expertise and experience in treating many different types of headaches and migraines using drug-free approaches. Call Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, today to find out more or request an appointment online.

Headaches Q & A

What causes headaches?

The most obvious cause of a headache or head pain is an injury, like a knock on the head or falling and hitting your head. Common illnesses like colds and flu are also frequent causes of headaches when your nasal passages and sinuses get inflamed and blocked. Environmental causes of headaches include:

  • Chemicals
  • Pollution
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Allergens

It’s surprising how often headaches are a result of mild dehydration. It’s very easy not to drink enough during the day, leaving you with a pounding headache. Another common cause of headaches is stress, which makes the muscles in your head and neck overly tense.

These causes or triggers for headaches are all common problems, but why they should make your head hurt isn’t always clear. The nerves in your head are sending out pain signals your brain interprets as a headache, but, in many cases, there’s no tissue damage present to justify the nerves sending these pain signals.

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a particular kind of headache that’s typically severe and debilitating. As well as head pain that’s so bad you all you can do is lay down for hours, or even days, migraines cause additional symptoms like nausea and vomiting, flashing lights or spots before your eyes (known as an aura), and extreme fatigue.

Migraines usually start when you’re young, and some people only have them very occasionally. For others, migraines become a frequent cause of disability, occurring several times a month or even more.

Migraines are one type of headache, but there are more than 150 different types of headache in all.

What treatments are there for headaches?

Before treating your headaches, it’s important for your chiropractor at Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, to know why you’re getting them because treatment varies according to the cause.

Many headaches are due to neck problems, which cause strain and imbalance that radiates into your head. Chiropractic adjustments can realign the structures and tissues in your neck, thereby relieving the headaches. As well as chiropractic techniques, your chiropractor at Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, uses soft tissue techniques and pressure point therapy, as part of the Active Release Technique®, to reduce the pain of headaches.

You could also benefit from other therapies like electrical pulse technologies, cold beam laser, and therapeutic ultrasound. Learning to relax and destress is also a valuable approach to relieving tension headaches.

If headaches are affecting your life, call Grand Island Chiropractic Center, PC, today to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online.