Give This Simple & Free Exercise a Try

Wondering how you’ll fit stretching into your day? Aim to make it a part of your morning routine.

It may be the most important and beneficial exercise there is. It also happens to be the cheapest and the simplest, requiring exactly no equipment, zero floor space and no special clothes.

It’s stretching.

You may have known that stretching increases flexibility, allows for easier movement and promotes better balance. But did you know it can relieve low-back pain, reduces muscle soreness, promotes relaxation, improves posture, agility and athletic performance? Stretching can also reduce tension, improves circulation, reduces anxiety, stress, and fatigue, improves mental alertness, decreases the risk of injury, makes your work easier, tunes your mind into your body and flat-out makes you feel better naturally!


What Makes Stretching So Great?

Stretching conditions the muscles for exertion and exercise, making every muscle movement more efficient. Sound interesting? At your next visit, ask us for a list of stretches that can help your particular spinal pattern and then apply these simple rules:

Are you a frequent stretcher? Comment below and tell us how regular stretching has positively influenced your life!

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